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Client Workshops

Resilience Power Skills for the Future of Work


Our popular client workshops ensure teams, students and leaders are equipped with the rationale, the why?, and the techniques, the how?, to synergise the key Power Skills needed in the Future of Work. 

This is achieved by sharing the compelling science and best practice content, with the opportunity of experiencing first-hand how best to apply and synergise our Resilience Power Skills. We encourage and enable the sustainable behavioural changes and agility necessary for the Future of Work.


Studies conducted with over 10,000 delegates relating before and after 6 weeks using one of the power skills shared on this workshop, showed statistically significant improvements in psychological, physiological and emotional wellbeing. For example, 56% drop in depression, 46% drop in anxiety, 48% drop in fatigue, 38% improvement in calmness, 30% improvement in sleep, 24% improvement in the ability to focus.

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