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Key Power Skills

Resilience Power Skills for the Future of Work

We share science and research to provide the knowledge as to why Resilience Power Skills are a vital resource, particularly regarding the Future of Work. We provide experiential learning with tools and techniques on how to apply these Power Skills, and crucially by synergising these skills in behaviour, achieve improved performance, resilience, health and wellbeing. 


Competence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is of continued value, however the effective use of our Resilience Power Skills is now a mission critical resource in the Future of Work. It is necessary to ensure individuals and teams can effectively relate human to human, human to machine, and have the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to adapt, grow and support others during this change.


Using the latest biofeedback tools, individuals and teams can measure, monitor and manage their levels of Coherence with the desired outcome of improvement.


Sharing the latest research and science behind the importance of sleep, exercise, nutrition and hydration, together with best practice, to help change behaviour.

It is important to have the tools to be self aware, and aware of the behavioural preferences of others so that we can flex and adapt in our relationships.


If we wish to perform at our absolute best, then how do we ensure we adopt desirable habits and relinquish those habits that don’t serve us.

Science and research shows that being mindful and using meditative practice can enhance brain functioning in relation to desirable behaviours, and improve the effectiveness of the immune system.

Automation is transforming the Future of Work, and as a result high order thinking and being able to network, adapt and collaborate, are resources that will be in increasing demand for future generations.

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