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Mindfulness Power

Resilience Power Skills for the Future of Work


Paying attention, in the present moment, and being able to focus on a task, without unintentionally allowing your mind to be distracted, can be viewed as a behavioural performance indicator.


Given knowledge and techniques, individuals and teams can improve their personal resilience, performance, health and wellbeing by developing their ability to be mindful. 


Science and research shows that being mindful and using meditative practice can enhance brain functioning in relation to desirable behaviours (e.g. emotional regulation, cognitive processing, learning and memory), and from a physiological perspective, improve the effectiveness of the immune system. Synergising with other Resilience Power Skills, mindfulness helps to ensure that one’s behaviour is congruent with performance, health and wellbeing.

Click on any of the links below to learn how to synergise with these other resilience power skills:

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