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Resilience Power Skills for the Future of Work

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Happiness after Psychological Trauma

In an era of increasing violent crime, and other psychological stressors irrespective of the source, how can we ensure we are in that group of resilient individuals who demonstrate resilience after these experiences? Is it possible to find happiness after psychological trauma?

The Habits and Rituals we Have

You are what you 'think, feel and do', and that is reliant on the habits and rituals you have. It is not by accident that top performers in personal development look after their body and mind - for they both need exercise, good nutrition and rest to stay in top condition.

High Performance Resilience

Koru International has developed the EPIC Model ™ for achieving high performance through personal resilience :

Event :: Perception :: Interaction :: Consequence

The relationship between pressure and stress, and how personal resilience can help employees manage stress to stay healthy and high-performing.


Resilience: A Platform for Happiness

"Personal resilience is a person’s habitual, physiological, and psychological resource capacity to deal with excess pressure demands and have the ability to call upon and access a reservoir of energy and coping mechanisms to meet the challenge effectively and efficiently." 

Koru International Ltd.

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