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Client Testimonials

Our client sectors include:

NHS (including Hospitals, Community Services, Commissioning Groups, Health Practices), Construction Companies, Utility Companies, Universities, Schools, Financial Institutions, Oil and Gas Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies and Airlines. 


Roddy has designed and delivered an amazing Resilience programme for Southern Water - and  by applying predictive learning analysis has improved the programme even more! What started as one module in our leadership development pathway has become a corporate programme rolled out across the Company at all levels from Execs to front line operators. Roddy delivers group sessions as well as 1:1 coaching. He is fantastic, very professional, extremely knowledgeable and pleasure to work with.

P J - Chartered FCIPD
Head of People Development

Utilities Company

The NHS North East Essex CCG introduced the Resilience training to our organisation towards the end of 2016. Our workforce have responded very well to this development, with some commenting that this has been the best training session they have attended. The organisation has a real buzz about the learning from the day and about the impact on staff at work and on their wellbeing in general. Approximately 80% of our entire workforce have now attended the training and have reported on it's positive effects. The course content speaks for itself but Roddy's style of delivery is incredibly engaging and inspiring ensuring the training experience is memorable and learning is embed beyond the training day.

M R - HR Business Partner

National Health Service NEECCG

Thank you once again for the presentation; I have found it most beneficial already. I think that in the high-speed, high-expectation world we live in, this is stuff that should be mandatory for managers. There are great practices and techniques for life outside of work also.
I have already shared snippets of information with virtually everyone I’ve spoken to in the last few days and that has led to some very interesting conversations. I’ll be writing to my colleagues and speaking to Occupational Health about promoting this as a mandatory training day, it was THAT GOOD.

C H - Construction Manager 
Skanska UK PLC

This is the best training I have attended in a long time and I have worked for the NHS for over 30 years!

The learning from the day will help me throughout work and generally in life, for which I am most grateful.

S M - Chief Pharmacist,

Medicines Optimisation Team,  NHS 

It was a great workshop and I really benefitted from it. The trainer did an excellent job covering all of the course objectives – he was very clear and direct to the point. It was very informative and interesting as well as being interactive and fun, so thank you very much.  It will help me change my lifestyle and I have already been recommending it to other members of staff.


N M - Senior Manager

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) 

I was thoroughly inspired by our day yesterday and feel very fortunate and privileged to have been offered this training. Furthermore, the information was conveyed with good humour, high performance and a passion for resilience! A very enjoyable day. It was a very empowering day and will aspire to breathe it in and out for many years to come! One study day I will never forget.


B M - Health Visitor  - Children & Young People’s Health Services

I was on your training session yesterday and wanted to say thank you for such an informative, engaging and inspiring session. There's lots of information all around us about living well, getting enough sleep, eating well, exercising, meditating etc but I think it's so important for people to have a context for all of this to be able to really understand and make lasting changes. You provided such useful explanations, facts and an evidence base for why these things are important as well as useful techniques to implement. 

I'm very passionate about effective communication and mental health awareness and your training has given me lots of information to move forward with when discussing these things with my colleagues. The exercise on colour profiling was fascinating and something everyone should be aware of. 

The graph you talked through on performance vs blood alcohol and work fatigue was very striking. It made me think about our mandatory training which includes sessions on fire safety, information governance and mental capacity. If as staff we are mentally depleted ourselves then surely we are more likely to inadvertently create a fire hazard, make an error in our record keeping and not be on top form with our clinical judgement. Personal resilience training should definitely be on the mandatory list. Not only for the above reasons but for self awareness, awareness of others and tackling things such as imposter syndrome which I know from conversations with colleagues and friends is very common! And not to mention the cost to work places and the economy of mental ill health.

I'll be encouraging all of my colleagues to attend your training! I really feel that it should be a mandatory training session. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! 


L K - Speech and Language Therapist

National Health Service

Feedback from a delegate who recently attended our new Virtual Power Skills Training Course:

We regard all feedback from clients as extremely valuable in helping to constantly improve what we do. 

By synergising Resilience Power Skills to enable clients to thrive in the Future of Work

we believe we can make a positive difference to society.

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