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Creative Power

Resilience Power Skills for the Future of Work


Automation is transforming the Future of Work, and as a result high order thinking (creative, innovative and imaginative), and being able to network, adapt and collaborate, are resources that are in high demand now, and will be in increasing demand for future generations.


Given knowledge and techniques, individuals and teams can be motivated and enabled to behave in intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial ways to meet the challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities, that the Future of Work brings. 


Upskilling individuals and teams with Critical Appreciative Inquiry (critical thinking + design thinking), based on what future customers and society really want, instead of relying on historical data, will be the positive differentiator between thriving and surviving .... or not .... in the Future of Work.


Click on any of the links below to learn how to synergise with these other resilience power skills:

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