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Koru International is an international award-winning performance, health and wellness consulting firm. It was founded in 2003, and specialises in helping individuals and teams to flourish during the many changes that the Future of Work will bring. We recognise that an individual, no matter what generation, will need to be equipped with more than just academic and technical qualifications with increasing levels of automation, artificial intelligence and robotics affecting the workplace.

In the Future of Work, individuals need to be charged with a number of key Power Skills so that they can be resilient to pressure and potential overwhelm. These tools will enhance an individual's capability to perform and be motivated with inner energy to become healthy, happy and highly productive intrapreneurs or entrepreneurs. Power Skills are now a mission critical resource for the Future of Work.

Our CEO, Roddy Herbert, works with multi-cultural and multi-generational audiences in workshops, speaking engagements and executive coaching. He shares the latest science, research and best practice concerning the synergetic use of Power Skills. On larger corporate projects Roddy also teams up with industry recognised experts who co-present and facilitate with him.

About Roddy

The Power Skills Synergiser

Before Koru International Roddy had a successful career with roles on main boards and senior management in the Corporate, SME and 3rd Sectors. He also has professional qualifications in Business Management, Executive Coaching and Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling. 


This mix of experience, professional qualifications and verifiable success gives Roddy a valuable and unique perspective when relating to how Power Skills can be synergised to best effect. As well as working with adults, Roddy is also passionate about harnessing the potential inner energy of students and young children. These new generations entering the Future of Work, through education and experiential learning of key Power Skills, can create a growing society of high performing, healthy, happy intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Moreover, Power Skills can encourage and enable future generations to exhibit behaviours that are compassionate, innovative and forward focussed to the benefit of the human race. 

The word Koru is the New Zealand Maori term for a fern plant that has curled up shoots which unfurl to become a leaf in sunlight. It represents encouragement of new growth, life renewal and improvement. Koru International supports clients to successfully embody this metaphor.

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