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Synergising Power Skills

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Key Power Skills

Future of Work - Synergising Power Skills for Multi-Generational Audiences

“When key Power Skills are used in a synergetic way the positive impact is far greater than the sum of just the single skills 

- it’s the antidote to poor performing, tired and wired, individuals and teams”. 

Roddy Macmillan Herbert

We share science and research to provide the knowledge as to why Power Skills are a vital resource,

particularly regarding the Future of Work. We provide experiential learning with tools and techniques how to apply the Power Skills,

and crucially by synergising these skills in behaviour, achieve improved performance, health and wellbeing. 

Competence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is of continued value, however the effective use of Power Skills is now a mission critical resource in the Future of Work. It is necessary to ensure individuals and teams can effectively relate human to human,

human to machine, and have the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to adapt, grow and support others during this change.